Thursday, January 18, 2018
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There are reports that the authorities concerned are planning to tax the land kept vacant by some investors who want to wait for the land prices to go up higher and higher so that they may get a better bargain.  How far this new proposal would stand the legal test is another matter.

But one thing is certain. The house map-passing process of the ADA has come to a halt ever since the court declared illegal the various charges in the name of development that were being realised from developers. The ADA will be incurring a big loss that way. But the Court has left the door open. The necessary amendment can be made to the law in question so as to include the various additional charges that are being realised.

And if the map-passing process has come to a halt, what will happen to the plans of those who had made all arrangements to start the construction work? Of course they may be asked to go ahead and told unofficially that let the payments be made which   will be returned in case the legislation does not come up soon.
However, there are many houses which are being constructed without the clearance of maps. The ADA’s  raiding parties are  sealing these houses. But right now since there is no provision for realizing the compounding fee as this has been declared illegal, a fresh solution other than demolition would have to be found for them. And if this is not feasible then such houses will have to be brought down, provided the ADA raids them. If they do not organize the raids then nothing would happen. The situation is quite interesting. Do the ADA people have any solution?

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