Thursday, January 18, 2018
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What we have been saying for a long, long time that the development of Allahabad has been done in a most unplanned manner has now been confirmed by none else than the Secretary of ADA,  Mr Amarnath Upadhyaya.  But he has made that confession only when there is every likelihood of a satellite city coming up on the outskirts on 10,000 hectares of land.

It may also be mentioned that the Patrika has been clamouring for a long, long time that the development of the city should be beyond the present city limits so that the burden on the main city is shifted.  The Government has finally realized this fact but only after they allowed the Civil Lines to be ruined and turned into a locality of slums so to say. Those open bungalows, those broad roads have all been swallowed by the lust for unplanned growth which was blessed by the  ADA. That is why on a number of occasions we have said that ADA stands for Allahabad Destruction Authority. If things now go as planned and a satellite city does come up by acquiring some 200 villages by the ADA on the  Lucknow-Varanasi Highway then we will have no hesitation in saying that ADA is indeed Allahabad Development Authority. And for this both the Commissioner and the DM would be deserving compliments because it is they who are working in this direction. The Commissioner  deserves  more praise because it was on his initiative that the plan for the ADA to take over 200 villages was drawn up. The State Government has thereafter asked for the approval of the Gram Sabhas to part with the 200 villages. The DM has revealed that negotiations with Gram Sabhas have already begun. Once the negotiations are complete the Government will issue a notification handing over these villages to the ADA.
I am quite certain that once work starts on this new township, there will be exodus to the satellite city even from Civil Lines. Many old residents of Civil Lines, who recall the golden era when the area had not been butchered by ADA’s unplanned approach, may decide to migrate to the satellite city in the hope that it is being planned  to make the area comfortable for residential colonies.  If the work is speeded up, a time will come when, compared to the new, well-planned city, the Civil Lines would appear to be the junkyard of Allahabad.

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