Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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The other day some hoodlums, drunk already, entered a local restaurant and wanted to sit there and drink more. Even normally they just cannot do so in any restaurant unless it has a license for running a bar. If caught, both the customers and the manager can be hauled up.

  But these days all rules all laws seem to have been abandoned by those who think they can impose themselves by conveying the message to the victim that ‘Might is Right’.
I would therefore advise the restaurant owners to either arrange for strong security after 8 pm or close  down for the day when roads are still active
The police, which is quite alert these days, or so it claims, should step up mobile patrolling. If they go round areas where restaurant and shopping complexes are located, they may be able to nab dare devils. In fact it would not be unreasonable to suggest that after 9pm the roving cops must halt all mobikes and check their papers as also if the riders are drunk or not. They may then take whatever action that might be necessary at that late hour.
I recall those days of the 1970s, 1980s when restaurants did not have to face such desperadoes. How safe the business premises were  can be assessed from the fact that in those days, a place like the Barnetts Hotel, where foreigners, film stars and political leaders, VIPs  uised to stay, there was no security guard! There was no gate. And the doors at the entry into the auditorium were not made of steel. The huge revolving doors had only glass panes from top to bottom. There was a wooden door attached too which  could be latched from inside but this was not done as the hotel used to be open for 24 hours. A night watchman used to be there to allot booked rooms to customers arriving by late trains. That was Allahabad of yesteryears. 

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