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A still from Jagga Jasoos

After Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu's first collaboration, Barfi!, hit the bull's eye commercially and critically, people had sky-high expectations from their next Bollywood outing, Jagga Jasoos. However, the film was reportedly made on a staggering budget of Rs 110 crore and it failed to earn even Rs 50 crore in its first week. Its fortunes are only dwindling further.

Rishi Kapoor lashed out at the director for the failure of Jagga Jasoos, calling him "irresponsible" and blaming his delays for the film's poor collection. "He's such an irresponsible director that he doesn't complete his films. It was supposed to release three times in the past two years, but it kept getting delayed," he said.
The actor added, "A kids' film also has to release at the right time, like during the school vacations. At that time too, Anurag Basu wasn't ready. There's economics and maths involved. Everything is not just about creativity."
But is it just Jagga Jasoos's numerous delays that are to be blamed for the film getting no love from the audience? We take a look at the other reasons that could have been responsible for Jagga Jasoos not performing well at the box office.
While Bollywood films are known for their song-and-dance sequences, an out-and-out musical is rare. In that way, Jagga Jasoos is a very experimental film, and Anurag Basu has himself admitted in interviews that they were taking a huge risk by taking the road less travelled. It was evident from the trailers, that this was not your usual masala fare, but a niche film that will appeal mostly to the multiplex audience.
Problem is, the multiplex audience was exposed to the brilliance that is La La Land just a few months before the release of Jagga Jasoos. Comparisons were inevitable. La La Land swept the Golden Globes, taking home all seven awards that it was nominated for, and also walked away with six wins at the Oscars this year. Jagga Jasoos was good, but it was no La La Land.
Another huge drawback of attempting the musical was that Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are no singers. There is no consistency in the voice; every time Katrina opens her mouth, she sounds different. After a point, the glaring difference seems like a grating assault on the senses.
Where Jagga Jasoos wins is in its aesthetics. The film was a visual delight. From the sun-kissed golden sands of Morcocco to the pristine beauty of Manipur, the cinematography in Jagga Jasoos is exquisite to say the least. But while the film is spectacular to look at, its story meanders. While the first half is taut, the stretched second half makes you restless in your seat.
By the end of the nearly three-hour runtime, the viewer stops feeling anything for the film. Sure, it's nice, but you don't take anything back home with you.

Courtesy: India Today

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