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Vidya Balan wants to be an RJ in Tumhari Sulu.

We may have never noticed it before, but Vidya Balan has a really sultry voice. Don’t believe us? Just check out the trailer for her upcoming comedy, Tumhari Sulu.

The trailer for the film was released on Saturday and features Balan as a ‘saree wali bhabhi’, Sulu, who wishes to be more than a housewife. She lives with her husband and a son, but wants to bring more spice in her life. A regular winner at competitions hosted by the local radio station, she is not happy with just the pressure cooker she has won. She wishes to be an RJ.

Neha Dhupia plays the head at the radio station and while she isn’t too sure about the demure middle-aged woman’s ability to host a radio show, she has the idea to let her have the late night slot. And to everyone’s surprise, Sulu is custom made for the job. With a voice as smooth as honey, she becomes an instant hit with the listeners.

However, her new-found success isn’t all good news. Her husband complains of her not giving the family enough time anymore and a montage teases more problems that she would have to tackle.

The trailer’s biggest pull is, of course, Vidya’s performance as an ambitious and lovable woman, the bright, colourful look of the movie and lastly, the brand new version of Hawa Hawai. The song, originally picturised on Sridevi in Mr India, gets a new life with slick beats and it fits the temperament of the movie just right.

The film is directed by Suresh Triveni and will release on November 17.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

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