Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Vijay Sai dead, Vijay Sai committed suicide, Vijay Sai news

In a shocking incident, Telugu film comedian Vijay Sai committed suicide in the wee hours of Monday at his residence in Yusufguda in Hyderabad. The 38-year-old actor was found hanging in the bedroom of his apartment by his family members.

Initial reports suggest that Vijay was under a lot of stress due to his personal and financial problems. He has been living separately from his wife since 2015 and has not been receiving any good film offers of late. The police is probing to know the exact reason that pushed the comedian to take the drastic step. The local media reports suggested that Vijay’s falling acting career was one of the main reasons that prompted the actor to kill himself.
Vijay Sai made his debut in the Telugu film industry in 2001 and has acted in several hit films like Bommarillu, Ammayilu Abbayilu.
While the Telugu industry remains shocked after hearing the news, many have been expressing condolences to Vijay’s family.
Further details are awaited.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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