Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Rajinikanth is a phenomenon. The Tamil Superstar, who is considered one of the highest paid actors in Asia, has a huge fan following and a daunting screen presence. Over the years, his inimitable style has become intrinsic to his personality and has prompted some hilarious jokes. Fans believe, jokingly of course, that there are certain things only Rajinikanth can do.

He can judge a book by its cover and can ask identification card from the bank. Incidents do not affect Rajinikanth, he affects them and it is only wise to make peace with this. As the actor turns 67 today (October 12), it is only natural that fans took to social media to wish their beloved superstar in witty and funny ways.
While one fan wrote, “Dear Birthday, Happy #Rajinikanth to you!” another joked, “If you don’t wish Sir Rajnikanth on his bday you may get blocked by Twitter, So happy bday sir.” All these, said in good humour and jest also attest to his massive popularity. And much to the delight of his fans, the second poster of his latest film, Kaala was also released today. All in all, it has been a great day for Rajnikanth fans.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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