Thursday, January 18, 2018
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At the launch of her new book The Perils Of Being Moderately Famous, actress, mother and now, author, Soha Ali Khan chatted with her family, including brother Saif Ali Khan and sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan. While the discussion largely centred around her famous family, Saif, being the mischievous older brother that he is, decided to spill the beans about an awkward date of Soha's, which gave us a quite the case of secondhand embarrassment.

On a particularly yawn-inducing date, Soha texted her friend about her absolutely boring companion. And what do you know? The text mistakenly went to him. But Soha being the sharp girl she is, calmly took his phone, deleted the text and returned it.

Embarrassing? You bet. But it's comforting to know that like us, celebrities too have their share of dating disasters. Let's face it, we've all come home to the horrible realisation that as we grinned at our dates in delight, we had spinach stuck between our teeth all along. Or walked headlong into a glass door while trying to be poised and put-together. But since some faux pas are just too cringe-worthy to recover from, here are 5 ways to prevent yourself from being embarrassed on a first date.

1. Pick A Familiar Place

Sometimes, an unfamiliar location can throw you off your game completely. Whether it's the dim lights that won't allow you to see clearly or the chopsticks you keep unceremoniously dropping, a familiar location means fewer opportunities for embarrassment. If you didn't get to pick the spot, try doing a recce before D-day.

2. Choose The Right Look

How you look says volumes about the way you feel - in life, not just on a first date. If you're constantly going to adjust your straps or pull up your neckline, it's a dead giveaway that you're uncomfortable. Plus, you'll be constantly distracted, and no one likes talking to a person who is only half-listening. Ditch anything that makes you adjust, pull down, pin up etc. and aim for a look that's comfortable, while being flattering.

3. Take A Look In The Mirror

Midway through your date, take a trip to the ladies' room for a quick check. You might spot a stray strand of spaghetti on your blouse, spinach in your teeth or bad breath that needs urgent tending to.

4. Listen More

If your date is attentive and a good listener, make sure you return the favour. A good date is when both parties come away feeling like they enjoyed talking and listening. No matter how much your date eggs you to talk, make sure you pivot back and get them to open up to you as well. And no talk about exes, please.

5. Pace Yourself

While it's normal to find yourself turning into a bundle of nerves before a first date you're excited about, take a few deep breaths and pace yourself. It's often in this haste that the most embarrassing date stories, like spilling scalding hot coffee on your date, happen. Even with all the planning, if any of those disasters still happen, laugh it off. There's nothing more attractive than a good sport.


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