Thursday, January 18, 2018
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punesh or akash should get evicted from bigg boss 11

Bigg Boss punished the housemates of season 11 for discussing nominations this week. The entire house barring Hina Khan got nominated for evictions. And these nominations presumably affected the contestants to a level that their behaviour went for a toss. The bygone week witnessed shifting priorities of the housemates. While older friendships hit rock bottom, new friendships blossomed inside the house.

Priyank and Hina gave each other the cold shoulder and Shilpa and Puneesh made peace with Hina. Arshi and Akash turned foes after Bigg Boss showed the clip of Arshi telling other contestants to nominate her friend Akash.

But the one who failed to hog the limelight in the midst of entire drama is Puneesh Sharma. The commoner who is trying to play safe ever since the eviction of Bandagi Kalra once again chose not to play on the front foot and took the shield of Shilpa Shinde’s popularity. His game plan of not playing individually seems to have backfired as the viewers of the show see him as the weakest link in the house and have voted him as their choice for eviction this week.

puneesh sharma should leave bigg boss 11
In a poll conducted by asking the readers who should get evicted from the house this week, Puneesh has got maximum number of votes. 26 percent people want him to walk out of the house this weekend. Following Puneesh is his friend Akash who has got 20 percent votes. Arshi Khan stands at number three with 12.57% votes. Luv and Priyank stand close to her with 11.42% and 11.05% votes, respectively. Shilpa Shinde with 9.42% votes and Vikas Gupta with 5.74% votes seem to be audiences’ favourite.

Meanwhile, some incidents happened during the week which calls for Salman Khan’s class this weekend. Hina Khan once again came out as the biggest bully of the season as she made fun of Vikas which left him in tears. He even said that her comments have made him perceive himself as an ugly man. Her rude behaviour with Priyank and Luv just because they refused to do what she wished didn’t go well with the fans of the show.

With so much happening, we wonder who will be under Salman’s scanner this weekend on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Courtesy: Indian Express

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