Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Sanjay Leela Bhansali Invited Us To Watch 'Padmaavat', Says Karni Sena

JAIPUR: The Shree Rajput Karni Sena, a fringe organisation protesting against film 'Padmaavat', claimed today that it had received an invitation from Bhansali productions to watch the movie.

The production company sent a missive to Shree Rajput Karni Sena and Shree Rajput Sabha Bhawan, its leaders claimed but alleged that the move was only a ploy "aimed at fooling".

"This is nothing but drama by the filmmaker. There is no date of the proposed screening the film and they have called our objection as misguided grievances which shows their approach and intention," Karni Sena's Lokendra Singh Kalvi told reporters in Jaipur.

He said that the Karni Sena has decided not to reply to the letter but would burn its copies as a protest.

Mr Kalvi said that the Supreme Court had given its ruling against a ban on the film but now a 'Janta curfew' would be imposed to its release.

"As a mark of respect to the Republic Day on 26 January, we are not calling for a 'bandh' now but we are calling for a Janta curfew," he said.

He claimed that historians who were shown the film by the censor board were also of the opinion that the movie should not be released.

COMMENTSHe said that prime minister was in Barmer recently and he mentioned the name of several Rajput personalities but he did not mention the name of Rani Padmavati.

When contacted a source close to director Sanjay Leela Bhansali said they had no intimation about the screening but there was "a letter". They refused to divulge any further details about the letter.

Courtesy; NDTV

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