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This was one of the news that caught the headlines but for unwanted and uncalled reasons. Now before going into the real matter let us get into the brief of actually what it is all about. The Wharton India Economic Forum is an annual India-centric conference hosted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, bringing together business and political leaders, professionals, academics and students from around the world to discuss India's evolution from an emerging nation to a prominent global economic power, and the key social, political and financial challenges which still stand in its way. Every year, WIEF has stimulated energetic dialogue between India's current and future industry leaders and policymakers, and has also served as a conduit for businesses to create and leverage professional connections.



pope benedict

पोप बेनेडिक्ट 16वें ने 28 फरवरी को अपने पद से इस्तीफा दे दिया। छह: सौ सालों के इतिहास में पोप बेनेडिक्ट 16वें इस्तीफा देने वाले पहले पोप हैं। पोप जान पाल द्वितीय के निधन के पश्चात सन 2005 में कार्डिनल योसेफ रातिसंगर पोप बेनेडिक्ट 16वें बने।सन 2005 में वह 78 वर्ष में पोप चुने गए। सबसे ज्यादा उम्र में पोप चुने गए लोगों में वह शामिल हैं। 



The Pakistani teenager, Malala Yousufzai who fought against Taliban decree for girls' education has been nominated for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.  The award will be announced by early October.  Along with brave Malala, jailed Belarusian human rights activist Ales Belyatski and Russian Lyudmila Alexeyeva have also been nominated for the prestigious award.  As Malala's name figured in the list, women world over wanted the Pakistani schoolgirl-turned icon to win the award. She is not only a symbol of resistance against Taliban rule, but a brave person who fought against all odds to help bring education to poor and deprived Muslim girls in Pakistan.  Female education in Pakistan is in appalling condition.  According to a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation report, Pakistan finds itself in the bottom ten of new country rankings for the education of poor females.  Almost two-thirds of Pakistan's poor girls have never been to school.  UN announced November 10 to be celebrated as Malala Day in honour of the brave girl and the cause she advocates.



Indian-Americans held the inaugural ball to celebrate U.S  president Barak Obama’s second term in office. The event was organised by indiaspora – an organisation which aimed to be a catalyst to transform the success of Indian – Americans into meaningful impact in India and on the global stage. “It’s the first time the Indian- American community is coming together on such a platform” said M.R.Rangaswami who founded indiaspora last year.  The idea originated in new Delhi with tarn das – a long time mentor of indo – us relations.



I know, the heading would sound little astounding but I confess that this is best I could get to summarize the whole story.  At a time of increased cross border tension between two countries, a statement comes from the Pakistan's Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar that it was India which was promoting a war-like situation while her country remained loyal to amity.  The glamorous foreign minister's words explained one thing clearly that the top leadership of Pakistan either has no connection with the reality or it lives in a serious state of despondency.


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