Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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ALLAHABAD; to make sure foolproof security in and around Maha Kumbh area, the Mela administration has a full proof plan. The administration has made certain plans through which one can be relaxed and feel secured at every step.

CCTV Cameras: CCTV will be installed at all the 18 pontoon bridges. For trial purpose, the Magh Mela police have already set up CCTV at Shastri Bridge.

Through renowned resources it has been known that total 127 CCTV sets would be set up in Kumbh Mela and city areas as part of security arrangements for which locations have also been identified A total of 45 CCTV would be set up at Kumbh Mela area alone.



A major number of CCTV sets would be set up in city prime locations to improve security arrangements. The police claimed to have identified locations and set up of CCTV have been taken effectively at over a dozen locations.


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Hand held metal detectors and other equipments would be utilized for elaboration of security measures.

The DGP said efficient measures had been taken to check cases of communal conflict in the state and police would be taking strict action against those involved.




The police will use advance equipment like bomb blanket, net catcher, bomb basket, remote operated wire cutter, prodder, non-linear junction detector and explosive detention kits to keep vigil during the mass congregation.

Five teams of bomb defusal squad and many teams of anti-sabotage checking squad will remain deployed as part of tight security arrangements in the Kumbh Mela area. For the purpose, akharas, organisations, camps and all the offices being set up at the Sangam for Maha Kumbh has been taken under scanner.

The squads have started checking the spots where Camps and Akharas are being set up. These teams would be carrying out regular check at Camps and Akharas and with the help of dog squads.

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