Thursday, January 18, 2018
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In fact it would be no exaggeration to say that those  who benefited the most were the Tempo drivers. They had brisk business because they got customers in plenty both  from  city to Sangam and vice versa.  And most of the tempos were seen jam-packed --especially if the passengers were  pilgrims and were  from the same village and wanted to travel together.

They wouldn’t mind being stuffed together  in  one tempo than risk coming alone in another vehicle.  Tempos were being preferred because of their speed. Buses got stranded on way because of the jam which incidentally was caused by them.
Very cleverly enough the tempos had, through their association, raised the fares  unilaterally.  Till the other day the RTO had not  given his approval for the new rates fixed. Some of the tempos have been keeping list of the arbitrarily- raised rates with them and passing it   on to the customers who had no choice except to yield to the black-marketing demands of the tempo drivers. Since the demand for tempos was higher than supply, the tempos were even threatening some to pay as desired or leave. The pilgrims were left with no choice. And the cops were not interested in enforcing any discipline to tame the tempos because most of them have been taking free rides from them and hardly have the face to challenge them.

I wonder if  CCTV cameras have been installed at various crossings as was recently announced. But  in case the cameras have been installed, they should be scanned to have a look at the tempos going jam-packed and see if the numbers of the vehicles are visible. If so, then those who are violating the traffic rules applicable to them, can easily be hauled up. It would be pointless to install the CCTV cameras if the pictures were not properly  examined to spot the law breakers. Let the authorities announce a warning—that those captured on the CCTV cameras carrying more passengers than permitted will face prosecution.  That may help reduce the  fleecing trends among not just the  tempo drivers but also among taxi, tonga and ekka  drivers.

If tempo drivers are still driving without license, with uniform, without their names inscribed, without their identification papers and other important documents, it would be quite clear that their intentions are not honest. And those not taking them to task are connivers.

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