Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Difficulties were many. And a major problem was faced by women bathers.  There were hardly any sheds for them where they could change from wet clothes into dry ones. A report says that the administration had promised 20  sheds  for women to change their clothes.

But that promise, says a report, was not kept. Young girls with drenched clothes were being eyed by Romeos with intentions that can be easily guessed. There were hardly women cops around.
NO EXTRA BUSES:  It was planned to press 1400 buses into service including 656 extra. But the extra buses never came. It is being said that the buses were not attracting very many passengers. Why? If lakhs of pilgrims had come, what transport did they use?
VEHICLE BAN FLOUTED:  The movement of vehicles inside the mela was banned. Even so one could notice cars moving leisurely right up to the Sangam nose. How could that be possible? Obviously there was some laxity. The authorities should probe the matter so that on more important days the same thing is not repeated. If ‘No Entry’ ban is in force,  why is it being violated?
ANTI-SOCIALS ACTIVE: We warned against petty criminals prowling in the area and alerted bathers to take care of their belongings when taking a dip. One bather of Madhya Pradesh failed to pay heed and the result was that when he returned from a holy dip, he found his purse missing. The anti-socials had the time to fish out the purse and leave behind other stuff!
BSNL DISAPPOINTS: The BSNL network did not work in the Mela area . Consequently, even the administrative staff suffered.   Only those with wireless phones could connect. Mobile phones of other private companies were working but they could not contact those with BSNL link.
FLOWERS IMMERSED DESPITE BAN: The administration had strictly forbidden the immersion of flowers and other puja ingredients into the rivers. But this ban too was being flouted. Thousands of worshippers performed puja ceremonies on the banks and then flooded the rivers with the flowers,

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