Thursday, January 18, 2018
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As was to be apprehended, the bitter cold raging in this region, has taken its toll and the victims  have  mostly been the pilgrims who had come from far and near for a dip in the holy waters of the Sangam on the occasion of Paush Purnima and Makar Sankranti.

A report says that  over  a thousand persons suffering from cold diarrhea   reported at the two main hospitals in the mela.  Most of them—the aged, the women and children-- are suffering from stomach disorders and fever. They are sneezing and complaining of body pain. Some were finding it difficult to breathe. Doctors advice precaution. Intense cold can cause heart attack among the old. Sun has been rare and dampness has therefore aggravated matters. Icy winds blowing across the mela area have left people shivering and shuddering. What is more, weather experts have warned that there may be rain on Saturday too accompanied by cold blasts of wind at high speed. It would be better for the aged and the old to stir out only if extremely essential. Otherwise they should remain indoors.
As regards temperature details, Mrs Kusum Zutshi, former executive with All India Radio, says that what is being reported in newspapers  hardly bears semblance to reality. Presumably the temperature is given by the Met office in the afternoons. She says the best time for it is a few minutes—some 20 minutes—before sunrise. She says that when she was in the radio, for years on end she made it a point to ensure that the temperature from met office was taken 20 minutes before sunrise. She suggests that those who seek temperature details should insist that they be told what was the minimum temperature about 20 minutes before dawn. They will themselves note the difference. She says the met office should not tell what minimum-maximum temperature is at a particular point but should give the minimum and maximum during the 24 hours. Kusumji is right.  If indeed the Met office people are not doing it this way then they must say what time they took the temperature.  Won’t the temperature be different when there is sunshine and quite the reverse when there is fog and rain?

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