Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Once again the weather experts failed us. If the climate was to undergo such a massive  jolt how is it that Met office had no inclination? If it did have it, why wasn’t it highlighted? If the Mela administration had known in advance that we would be having such a story and cold weather that would break a decade’s lull, they would certainly have taken some precautions to meet the requirements of a challenging situation.

If we take a look at the Mela scenes captured on cameras of pressmen and flashed in newspapers  we will find that  following heavy downpours there was total chaos in the area. At places there was knee-deep water with no outlet, indicating thereby that the administration had not considered it necessary to think of having a proper drainage system. Why that happened is a question that may be taken up later by the administration when they go into the causes of the debacle that was made worse by the lack of some facilities and also owing to the absence of an alert management which could have foreseen the disaster and advised people to shift from there instead of hoping that the shower was a temporary one.
The losses suffered by all concerned was two-fold. The direct loss was witnessed in the damages that the ravaging waters caused to the material that had been sued to build the Mela township. Foodgrains must have got wet in rain. How much of these goods were fit for consumption subsequently can be known only at a later date when the losses are calculated. We saw Kalpvasis de4partinmg with their bag and baggage , abandoning their month long  programme as they were not very sure whether the weather will improve or not. The picture was not clear. Some experts were warning that we will again be having torrential, rain again, on Wednesday.
Had the administration been alerted by the weather department, they might have made alternative arrangements to accommodate the pilgrims from the train-affected areas. At the eleventh hour whether any worthwhile arrangement could be made is anybody’s guess. One reason for this was the schools in the neighbourhood too were flooded with water, so heavy was the impact of the rainfall

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