Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Magicians are known to have turned boys into girls and girls into boys. But that is a temporary phenomenon. And for that you need a magician who has the skill to create that optical illusion. But what is being seen in the Magh Mela is not a magic show conducted by some renowned magician.

It is a magic show in  the sense that its magic  is casting  spell on the audience and they just sway to the swinging and singing of dancing girls who are not the illusionary creation of some magician but are before you in flesh and blood to excite the Romeos with maximum titillation. And one  of the young local scribes who somehow managed  to see a titillating scene or two says that the ‘dirty dancing’ was something that  should  not have been shown to the Mela people who go there to seek salvation.  Our friend Shamsher Singh, however, holds a different view. He says: ‘So what if “Roop badalne wali ladkis” are there. At least they are more honest than the politicians who keep on “badloing” their “roop” more often than not?’ Shamsher says, “These Kill-Joy scribes should have a heart, A little bit of fun and excitement. What’s wrong?’ To cap it, Shamsher says: ‘I will tell the puritans that if they feel that their imagination has been seduced and their thoughts molested with the pornographic gestures, all that they need to do is to purify themselves by taking yet another dip in the Sangam. When the remedy to wash away the sins is so close by, why bother?”
Shamsher seems to be a rake. But I think that the scribe who has exposed the sexy gestures of the girls in the Magic Show running on the tents in the Parade Ground  is right. They have no business to pollute the spiritual atmosphere with their pornographic stuff. Such shows could be very misleading. They could be traps to invite young girls for jobs and then the rest of it would follow.


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