Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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It must have been a rather trying scene near an Ashram (of Madhav Dasji)close to the Beni Bandh on Kali Marg in the Mela area the other day. The saint’s representative   Prabhudasji was staying in that Ashram. According to the complaint, the woman, Savita Nishad, runs a sweets shop closeby and a male escort is also staying there. At night the two had an argument with the saint.

That assumed the form of a scuffle in which the two allegedly pulled out some hair from the beard of the sadhu. The woman threatened the saint, ‘I will turn you into another Sant Asaram’ A complaint was lodged against the two with the Mela administration the next morning and thereafter the sadhus staged a chakka jam there.Police had to be rushed to the spot including women cops. Ultimately the woman was overpowered and arrested and her shop uprooted from there but not before she had lectured to the women cops, asking them who will feed her children, who will look after them and the rest of the emotional stuff.

But  what attracted the attention of the onlookers was the woman’s remark, threatening to turn the Maharaj into another Asa Ram. She didn’t explain how that could be done. Did she mean that she would threaten that the saint was also calling women to his ashram to cure them of their diseases? How else would she prove that he was behaving like another Asa Ram.  Will she slander the saint by cooking up a spicy, juicy  story just to hog the headlines? If only some Delhi TV news channels were here that evening. The ‘Asa Ram’ remark would have been as popular on national TV channels  as Rahul’s appeal to the people not to respect those who make ‘ullu’ out of you!

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