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In ‘Ardh Kumbh’ they coded  Sangam operation as ‘Operation Krishna India'.

Am I spreading panic? Well it is better to  err  on the side of caution than to repent later.  I am saying this because the Taliban have been  warning repeatedly that they will take revenge against India for hanging their dear hero  Kasab. Now another terrorist outfit has protested against Pak cricket team coming to India. This group says that Pakistan is coming to India under  compulsion, dictated by its boss America under pressure from New Delhi. ‘We will teach India a lesson”. Since they have sleeping modules all over the country, and it won’t be unreasonable to state that some of them could be comfortably nestling in Allahabad too, the possibility is that the terrorists may use these agents to disturb the Maha Kumbh.
It is true that the Mela administration is taking every precaution to ensure  top security for the pilgrims. But with inclement weather around, the agents of militants may find it easier to steal into the campus when security personnel are sitting round a bonfire, warming their hands and gossiping away on frivolous themes.
Mahakumbh,  acknowledged the world over as the Greatest Show on Earth, will certainly be on the minds of the conspirators working under the directions of top militant experts operating from  Pakistan.
I may take you back to the Ardh Kumbh  that was held in Allahabad in 2007. The militants had planned entry into the Kumbh Mela. These fears were expressed in a secret booklet with the security forces. There was apprehension that a trained squad of 40  women terrorists had stepped on to the Indian soil from Pakistan. Their aim  was to create disturbances in Allahabad Ardh Kumbh too.  These women terrorists   had planned to dress themselves  up as Sadhvis so as not to arouse any suspicion. The apprehension was that Paki militants  could  strike against us through  these women. The apprehension was that it wouldn’t take these women  long to mould the militants to suit their requirements.

 This is not all. The other information was that the ISI had  titled their Allahabad Sangam operation as Operation Krishna India. The women  could be dressed either as Sadhvis or as media persons.

Keep an eye on media girls from abroad

media girls from abroad

 Usually the Mela authorities are quite  careful in  extending warm welcome to media persons specially if they are from abroad. What  made people then apprehend that these women terrorists masquerading as media persons could prove to be  very dangerous  was the bitter possibility that the TV cameras with which they  would be sending pictures, supposedly to their TV channels but actually to their bosses in the ISI,  would be allowed in without much questioning. What the authorities at the most could do was to make thorough inquiries about the newspapers or magazines to which they were attached. They might hardly verify the camera or other transmission gadgets, presuming that these  are meant to transmit news items and pictures. So my request to all concerned is to keep a special eye on women media persons. Some of them might be good looking and charming too and use the alluring powers of their sex to trap  some of the weak-hearted bureaucrats or cops. Beware of Vishkanyas in the Mela. One never knows when a Kotwal of the Faizabad variety may smuggle into the Mela. This  cop  the other day raped a rape victim who had gone there to lodge a report. The administration will have to ensure that such Kotwals are to be found anywhere close to the Mela.

 I reproduce what I wrote as a warning in 2007:’These Vishkanyas might be arriving from Pakistan or might have already arrived. Let me warn local journalists, especially the young and  vulnerable ones to beware of these Vish Kanyas. They might already have struck friendship with you and some of you might be thinking of dating them as well. Keep away from them. They will fleece you of all money and carry away even your under-garments to ensure that you are unable to give them immediate chase. And what will you report to  the SSP (Mr Paulson was the SSP then)? That you immediately need some clothes  which may be sent to you in a posh hotel room ? Those who have been trained as Mata Haris can do anything’.

According to information then made available,  “the women terrorists and also the males accompanying them  could be carrying 22-bore revolvers of the shape of a mobile phone having a length of 7 cm and width of 5 cm”. My comment was: “ Thus, if  Romeos were to fondle them – both the males and the females – to find out whether they are carrying a weapon hidden inside their garments, they will find none because the mobile-shape revolver is with them for emergency purpose and you will not suspect a mobile-shaped thing to be anything except a phone. It could be a revolver-cum-phone so that  she or he would be using it for harmless conversation with collaborators pretending to be persons of a newspaper office. May be they have coded words to express their secrets.

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