Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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Mrs Mukti Vyas has raised a pertinent question. She asks: ‘Why should the sadhus be allowed to hold the city to ransom by their long and unending processions?’ She says: ‘It might have been all right decades ago when  our roads were free with very few vehicles seen on the thoroughfares. But now, she says, we are daily seeing the Kumbh Mela of Cars on almost all streets and roads.

Normal life is disrupted even on normal days. Then why allow further chaos and confusion?’ Muktiji says, ‘But now we have a Mela Nagar, something which our ancestors could never imagine. Let these processions move about in full command there. But they should be requested to spare the streets of the city’ .On Thursday one found the procession blocking the Johnstonganj-Leader Road  round 12 noon. That was the time when I was passing through the roadside. Traffic was moving at a snail’s pace. Round 5pm our colleague Shubhi Chandra came to office after going to Sangam area for Mela coverage. She told me that till then, the procession had still been lingering on .Baba Ramdev was undoubtedly a major attraction for the  crowds. But he couldn’t have been aware of the gross inconvenience he was causing to the local citizens. Muktiji told me, ‘People were annoyed, especially the fans, admirers, followers of Chhunnan Guru . They were holding a commemorative meeting to pay tribute to Chhunnan Guru when they were told to hurriedly call off the meeting because the procession was coming.’ She says: ‘What the people should not forget is that Chunnan Guru was a highly revered personality. It is customary to pay homage to him at a particular spot in the city area. Shouldn’t some sanctity be observed?’ She appeals to the authorities concerned to  frame new rules that should forbid such processions in the heart of the city’. She adds: ‘If these processions are inevitable, the administration should order the closure of schools because half the population of the school-going children as also teachers resides in the city area.’ She has a point. Having been the Principal of a prestigious degree college, she can also realize the difficulties students face during the bathing days.


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