Sunday, February 25, 2018
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 patalpuri temple

We must be grateful to the army people for making arrangements to enable pilgrims and others to enter the Fort and have a glimpse of ancient, holy sites that lie within.  Lt.Gen Anil Chait, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Central Command inaugurated on Thursday the pathways that lead to Saraswati Koop and other sites. According to a Defence spokesperson, the army spent five months on restoring these vital pathways most of which, being very old, were in a bad state.

  Since the army people believe in perfection, one will witness how well regulated the traffic movement inside the Fort would be. Of course, entry will be allowed only after the visitors have acquired proper passes. And one hopes that the visitors know that they cannot carry any photographic equipment or weapons inside the fort complex as these things are strictly prohibited for security reasons. And with terrorist threat looming large in the northern regions, it would be expected that the civilian authorities on their own would ensure that people moving around the non-prohibited area close to the fort will also be under thorough surveillance. The police authorities, who have been claiming that not a bird will be allowed to flap its wings without their permission in the entire Mela  will indeed be on trial.
Coming back to the holy sites inside the Fort, which form a part of our treasured and hallowed  religious  spots, I may state that  in addition to Saraswati Koop, a deep well  beneath which the mythical river Saraswati is believed to flow, the pilgrims, the visitors and the sight-seers will also be able to have Darshan of the holy Akshay Vat and, of course, the Patalpuri Dwar, the Ganga Dwara and the Patalpuri temple. Do enjoy yourself in this holy, spiritual environment to the brim. You will feel elated and elevated, forgetting for a while corruption, scams, loot, murders and gang-rapes.


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