Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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terrerists in police getup

Terrorists may disguise themselves as cops

The Central intelligence agencies have once again alerted the State Government to the need for extra alertness  as terrorists could be planning to strike Allahabad  because of the mass Mela gathering. Such warnings came during the last Kumbhs too but I had then written that terrorists won’t plan a strike on Makar Sanakranti but on Mauni Amavasa bathing day when the crowds would be at their peak. Makar Sankaranti is no doubt a big bathing day. Anything could have happened. But my guess is that the   terrorists, even if they have arrived in Allahabad and have already reached the mela ground in disguise, could be inspecting the layout and locating a spot that would be most appropriate for them to use for carrying out blasts on Mauni Amavasya day. After all, to see the grounds without crowds—as the sleeping modules might have done-- is one thing and to probe the place when crowds have arrived is quite another thing. They may therefore examine the place and find out the most vulnerable spot to strike.

The authorities concerned  should also not forget that if the terrorists have indeed arrived, they will not make themselves too conspicuous to be nabbed. And one cannot be sure as to what dress they would be wearing. What if they put on the police uniform?  This has been their old tactics. They put on the Khaki and steal into their targeted premises and then  execute their plans. They have done it in the past and there is no reason why they should not employ the same trick again. While the police might be trying to  locate them among beggars, sadhus and others, the militants could  be disguised as cops. This year thousands of cops have arrived in the mela. The ADG, Mr Arun Kumar, was seen in the Mela, personally going around and monitoring the situation. But  he has no means to know whether the cop standing by his side to guard him is not an imposter planted by the militants through their trickery and thuggery  made perfect through several successful attempts in the past. There were reports about Pakistani links with the Maoists. The Naxals employ the method of wearing police uniform and then gate-crashing into protected zones.  And in the Mela there is no protected zone. In fact the entire place is vulnerable despite the CCTV cameras and  restrictions . They know how to win over the confidence of those around.

What about terrorists sending women this time too?

During the Ardh Kumbh, there were intelligence reports that Pakistan had rushed women terrorists to enter the mela area and cause damage. But nothing happened because the local authorities managed to take every necessary precaution . This time whether women have been sent or not is not certain. But nothing can prevent the ISI from dressing young lads as women and then sending them into the mela to carry out their nefarious plans.
When I told this to our reader Shamsher Singh, he said, ‘That is not impossible. But they can be trapped.’ And he gave a curious explanation. He said, ‘Suppose these Pakistani lads dressed as girls, with artificial tresses and bosoms, are travelling in an Indian bus, won’t the driver and the conductor be tempted to take them to a lonely area and try to gang-rape them? If that happens, won’t the drivers and the cleaners discover the deception?’  Now isn’t that fantastic? But he went on: ‘After what happened in Delhi,  raping bus-drivers have emerged in Punjab and elsewhere too. It seems that bus drivers are now specializing in gang rapes. Why not use them for espionage purposes too?’

Well, I don’t know whether all this is possible. But I do recall reading a news item when the Khalistan movement was at its peak. The Indian authorities had caught a group of Khalistani Sikhs but on physically examining them they found that they were Pakistanis That was long ago. Now a days anything can happen because the technique of fraud and deception must have been perfected manifold. So beware! There was a story of  how an American couple hid in a room sealed from all sides as the husband had received a murder threat from the Chinese at a fixed hour. The man was shot dead at the fixed hour. It was then learnt that his so-called wife was a Chinese agent planted there as his wife!

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