Thursday, January 18, 2018
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rainless makar sankranti


It is very rare that on Makar Sankranti Day we don’t get rain. In fact, almost every year showers have accompanied the festival. That is why it was all the more a joyous occasion because after a very cold spell of winter that we experienced, the first bathing day had plenty of sunshine.

But this may not be so on the next bathing days. If weather experts are to be believed,  the western parts of Uttar Pradesh area likely to experience rain from January 17, while the eastern parts will get showers by January 18, thanks to what they call, ‘’western disturbances’. Experts warn that rain would be followed by foggy season which is bound to cause inconvenience to road users. But it is also being stated that the mercury will not go down as low as it went during the recent past when temperature went below zero degree Celsius.
For the remaining major bathing days, especially the Mauni Amavasya falling next month, the authorities will have to be extra cautious both against the moods of the weather and the conspiracies of mischief-makers. There should be no complacence. In fact creating complacence first and then striking hard, taking everyone unawares, is the old and well-tried trick of the militants. And their maximum attention might be concentrating on the Mauni Amavasya bath as that will attract maximum people. I may say that the successful conclusion of the Makar Sankranti bath has given good publicity to the Mahakumbh and those in two minds will now, in all likelihood, be opting for a dip on that occasion.
I would  like to congratulate the administration, headed by Commissioner Devesh Chaturvedi, for the stupendous efforts made by them , sometimes in most trying and adverse circumstances, to make the Makar Sankranti  bathing day  pass off peacefully. They should be knowing the plus and minus sides of the work done and, I am sure that sooner than later any hurdles still there,  any work undone would be out of the way. They should be knowing better about the slips and  lapses that might have occurred and are in the best position to strive for still better results next time. Congratulations for the good work done and best of luck for better performance in spheres that may still need greater attention.





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