Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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jawed usmani

It was a delightful sight indeed to see UP Chief Secretary Jawed Usmani plunging himself into  the ‘Ganga of Secularism’, so to speak, by raising hands along with Mahants  and chanting the slogan of ‘Har Har Mahadev’ along with the rest. The Chief Secretary was holding a garland in one hand and the other hand was in the air, accompanied by the chorus chanted by all, ‘Har Har Mahadev’. 

It is such gestures which are needed to  highlight the magic of our composite culture which, for ages, has been promoting feelings of love, brotherhood and understanding among people of different faiths residing in this vast country—disturbed and distorted only once in a while by mischief mongers who thrive on discord.
But the Chief Secretary came here to inspect the arrangements  and unhesitatingly warned all concerned that if by the time of the Paush Purnima  pending work is not completed, those deputed for the task may face suspension , even dismissal. We do hope that things will improve and there would not be any occasion to punish anyone.
SHY OF BANGLES! Incidentally, the Mela police is still so shy of bangles. But why? If some politicians wanted to present bangles to the Mela officer, why did cops prevent them from doing so? The Mela officer was not there. In that case the police ought to have offered to receive the bangles themselves – just as they receive memorandum from the public for officials who are not available on the spot. Were the police afraid that touching bangles would have affected their masculinity !  To prove their masculinity, they must catch criminals loitering in the mela with impunity as it were.How else could they be lifting lakhs of rupees from the vans of sants and sadhus? Shamsher Singh has put this in a humorous way. He says, ‘When you tip the greedy cops next, roll the currency notes through two or three bangles. They will grab them all—and then present bangles to their wives or girl-friends as ‘tohfas’.

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