Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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 why people in mela falling ill

Although elaborate arrangements have been made to take care of the people falling sick in the Mahakumbh mela area, yet  there is the persistent threat from the dirty water that is seen accumulating outside several sectors as there is apparently no permanent  arrangement to clear the water from there. It is surprising why the authorities did not think of setting up temporary drains  attached to special  soak-pits that should have been dug up for the occasion to deal with the problem of sanitation. Crores of rupees were sanctioned. Water pipelines have been laid. Why the drainage issue was ignored or attended to haphazardly is difficult to understand. Or was the drainage network  set up but it is not in working order or has not started working? At any rate, no whatever what be the reason, this is a big lapse.

The mela authorities are reporting many cases of common cold, viral infection and respiratory problem. Some 20,000  patients have been or are being examined at different health centres ever since the Mela began. In the past too the number might have been big or bigger still but since hospital facilities were not many in number, many cases must have gone unreported. But some diseases can be prevented. For instance, if stray dogs had not been allowed inside, there would have been no cases of dog bite. Likewise, if there is no guarantee of pure water that is being supplied, shouldn’t supply by tankers be arranged?
A report says that over 10 lakh Kalpvasis are expected in the Mela on and from January 27. This would call for elaborate sanitary arrangements. As it is, between 100 and 1500 patients are being treated at different health centres daily, as claimed. It is likely that people with even minor ailment are now taking advantage of the hospital facilities which otherwise they might not have done. Those bathers, coming from villages where there is no health facility worth the name,  must be making a beeline for these health centres to seek relief from ailments that might have been troubling them for long. For them the Mela hospitals will prove to be a boon.


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