Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Intelligence agencies have once again alerted the Mela authorities to take every precaution against the possibility of a terrorist attack. This renewed alert call has come following  an e-mail warning about the possible attack and also the blast at Kanpur Railway station. The e-mail message was sent to the CBI and a newspaper on January 14 at nine minutes past 8pm .

The text of the message  is:”I am a terrorist belonging to the Lashkar-e-Taiba and am going to place a bomb in the Kumbh Mela. If you...have the guts and if in your veins the flowing and if you are...legitimate born then come and try to stop us’. The authorities concerned are trying to trace the place from where the e-mail was sent. The Mela police, however, deny having received any such e-mail and have also asserted that those who plan a real attack will not disclose this in advance. True. But the e-mail has not specified any date. The apprehension is that the threat might be planned for the Mauni Amavasya, the day when massive crowds of pilgrims  are expected. The senior police officials certainly have a point there. But that should be no reason for complacence because in the past it is this complacence which has proved to be dangerous. After almost every major terrorist attack the Central intelligence authorities have stated that they had sounded the alert but that the authorities concerned had ignored the warning.  
 Following the alert call given by the Intelligence bureau, 150 Commandos have been pressed into service in the Mela area. Sniffer dogs are also doing their job and police are following their trail to trap suspicious characters.  STF and anti-terrorist squads have also been alerted. According to SSP(Kumbh), R.K.S.Rathore the Mela area has been divided into seven zones and 17 sectors. In each zone an SP or  an official  of the rank of  additional SP have been posted.  Men of the Central Security Force too have been posted there. It is good to hear that.
We have also been told that for river patrolling  50 motor boats, 200 boats and 180 divers have been inducted. But if this is so, how is it that carcasses have been seen floating into the Mela zone? After the Naxal dare-devilry of planting explosives in the abdomen of a Jawan they had killed, how can we not repeat what we have been stating times without number—that the carcasses of animals too could be used for planting some powerful explosive device that can be operated through remote control? Are the authorities doing anything in this direction? The terrorists won’t walk on a much-treaded path all the  time but experiment with something new, something about which none may   easily guess. That is why we consider it necessary to warn again and again that river frontiers must be kept under strict surveillance and no human body or animal’s carcass, should be allowed to penetrate through the security line. The cops should not indulge in cosmetic patrolling  for the sake of keeping the record straight. We cannot afford to take liberty with t security arrangements for the Mela. 


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