Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Quoting impressive statistics  and showing the large number of cops posted to keep a strict watch at every step may sound very pleasing to the ears. But have the authorities cared to evaluate the performance of the cops posted in the mela area? If they were indeed active and honest to the core, how is it that saints and sadhus are being robbed right, left and front? This is not all. We have come across reports stating that some cops have  been found dead drunk when on duty. What sort of vigilance will these  policemen  enforce when their own performance is worst imaginable, in case we go by the published reports?

A report by the president of the UP Samyukta Pancahayat Sangh, Dr Jai Singh Yadav, will come as a rude shock to anyone. He has complained that during his absence police forced their entry into their camp and used objectionable if not abusive language against those who were present there. They picked up chairs and other material and flung them most violently. He says that the police  dragged  his wife Pooja Yadav by the hair and snatched the gold chain which she was wearing. When his brother Balram Singh Yadav protested against police high-handedness,  the cops roughed him up too and took away Rs5000 from his pocket. They then walked away after threatening to uproot the camp. 
Dr Yadav has informed the Chief Minister,  Home Secretary, SSP(Kumbh) and others. Another report says that a Russian Sadhvi was robbed of 15,000 dollars. Can such type of cops, who are robbing and ill-treating saints and others, protect the mela from terrorists? On the contrary there is every fear that such cops, chasing money, will easily fall into the trap of a terrorist if he obliges them with a costly gift. They will even safely take him around and show all the places which the man may like to see. Who will suspect any person whom the police are escorting around as if he were a VIP—all because he might have bribed them handsomely?

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