Thursday, January 18, 2018
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 foreigners cleanup ganga

I was moved to see a picture and report about foreigners, coming here as worshippers of the Ganga, cleaning up the holy river and removing the filth, something which we should do round the year, round the clock if we really adore our Mother as we call the rivers. Nearly 400 foreigners, disciples of Swami Chidanand,  participated in the cleaning operations.
This noble effort provides a contrast to the shocking neglect by our own brethren who have committed the double sacrilege of not just  dirtying the rivers but also allowing  filth to flow into it.

How can this be tolerated? Are tanneries more important than the purity of the Ganga? Are other factories located on the river banks more important than the purity of the Ganga? Why have we not been able to find alternative methods to dispose of the city waste instead of dumping it into the Ganga? If we can plan space flights,  develop nuclear missiles and bombs, how is it that we have failed to evolve safeguards to keep our rivers clean and free from pollution of any type, any kind? If the Mahakumbh, especially the example laid before us by the foreigners, can instil among us the urge to keep the rivers clean, it would indeed be a rare occasion and the best possible gift we can hope for. No doubt our district magistrates have organized periodical cleaning drives but they were by and large restricted to the removal of plastic wastes. We will have to do something more concrete, something more of permanent nature than to merely organize such drives once in a while.
Let it be made compulsory for all schools and colleges to have a river-cleaning practical course. Once students on  a massive scale start participating in such drives, they will carry home the message to their elders that merely worshipping the river is not enough. Keeping it clean would be the best form of worship. And I congratulate the foreigners.

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