Thursday, January 18, 2018
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It  is indeed a frightening weather forecast made on one of the TV news channels on Monday evening. The report says that the worst of winter is yet to come when the whole of northern India will shudder as never before. The little bit of sunshine that we have been getting these days is nothing but a pleasant interval which will end by February 3 when the holocaust is expected—storms, lashing rains, thunder, lightning, hail-storm and freezing temperature even in the plains to say nothing of the hills which will be experiencing a very heavy rainfall.

I don’t know how far this weather prediction will come true. But if it does, Allahabad will indeed be facing a crisis much bigger in dimension than other cities in case crores of people indeed land up here for the Mauni Amavasya bath. It would be better if the administration proceeds ahead on the supposition that this time the weather prediction will come true.  The problem will become serious if lashing rain accompanied by stormy winds and hail swoop upon the city. How will the pilgrims be protected against the vagaries of the unkind weather?  It would be best to arrange for alternative accommodation in the city by requisitioning  school buildings to turn them into shelter homes  for the duration of the rainy onslaught. The administration should start working on the supposition that the weather prediction will come true. If it is proved false, so much the better! But in case big school buildings are requisitioned, the administration should undertake the responsibility of compensating the schools for any damage that might be caused because of the rush that might have to be accommodated which could be beyond the capacity of the old buildings to cope with.  The administration should also give in writing that in case of any damage to the property the Government will bear the expenses of renovating the place.
The administration will also have to take a peep into the health arrangements. Our  system proved to be inadequate to deal with fire victims, some of whom had to be rushed to Delhi for ‘specialised treatment’. It would not be unreasonable to demand that every effort should be made to ensure ‘specialised treatment’ of patients who might be requiring such attention. After all, how much more can  we burden the  Air force   with a responsibility which should be that of the civil administration? I wrote several weeks ago that it would be pragmatic on the part of the administration to keep ready an emergency helicopter service and also build temporary helipads in different areas where crowds were expected to be at their peak. But the suggestion did not receive the attention it deserved


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