Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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rainy basant
If weather forecasts are to be believed, we might have a rainy Basant this year. And if that happens there is bound to be rush for shelter among the pilgrims. Have the authorities made any arrangements? Or have they received ‘clean chits’ in advance, a post-dated cheque of praise, for the successful conclusion of the Basant Panchmi fair too even if that be far from reality.

Anyway, I would like to repeat what I have been saying repeatedly. Alternative arrangements for halting should be kept ready in the compounds of schools and colleges which will remain closed that day. Instead of allowing the incoming or outgoing pilgrims to be stranded midway or getting jammed at railway stations, it would be prudent to halt them in these school compounds where arrangements for their food and lodging would be easy to make, if necessary.

We might have made elaborate arrangements in the Mela area but the biggest challenge we face is in regard to proper traffic management. Merely posting a few cops at the crossings is pointless if these cops do not know the basics about traffic management. Some of them, seen at busy crossings, are so lazy and indifferent to the job at hand that one finds them standing aside, gossiping away or staring at some fashionable doll. At such a short juncture it might not be possible to have trained personnel. But at least what can be ensured as that the men in uniform do not include men of the ‘Vasooli Brigade’.


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