Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Court intervenes to keep 4-wheelers out of Mela area
It was an open secret that four-wheelers were allowed entry into the Mela on the occasion of the Mauni Amavasya bath. The occupants didn’t have to trudge. They could rest in cars all right. But the pace at which the cars were moving was slower than the speed of a tortoise or a snail. What is more, these stranded or very slow moving cars acted as big hindrance to the movement of pedestrians.

The High Court has expressed its surprise over the permission given to four wheelers to enter the mela premises on Mauni Amavasya. The Bench of Mr Justice Ashok Bhushan and Mr Justice Arun Tandon expressed displeasure over the unbridled movement of four-wheelers. The authorities concerned should have on their own realized the necessity of keeping four-wheelers out of the Mela arena. But they did not do so. Finally the High Court had to intervene and give directive in this regard, saying that four wheelers shouldn’t be seen around. But the court has exempted ambulances and security vans from this ban. What is more, this ban will be in force on all important days.
But there is one aspect of the matter which deserves special mention. It is the blatant misuse of the vehicles which are permitted to enter the mela. I was told that on Thursday itself an ambulance was seen moving in the mela area. A citizen, who was an eye-witness, told me on phone: ‘Normally I don’t glance at ambulances. But my curiosity was aroused when I saw hefty, healthy men inside the ambulance. These couldn’t be sick’. The mystery was cleared by another person who revealed that since ambulances can go in freely, they are being misused to carry relatives of the doctors or drivers.
I was told that the police vans were no better in this respect. Some of them plying in the Mela were seen carrying members of the families of the cops in charge. So that’s that.


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