Thursday, January 18, 2018
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heavy rain kumbh

Rain will continue till Magh Purnima

Astrologers are blaming it all on bad stars. Rain will continue to play the spoil game up till Magh Purnima predicts Dr Kameshwar Upadhyaya. But since bulk of the people are leaving or have left already,  the rain may not be able to create the chaos that it caused on Basant Panchmi and a day after. But as soon as the weather expects Mela life too will come back to normal.

What is baffling is the number of fires that have taken place during this period. One cannot forget the big fire on January 25 in which several persons perished and tents as well as other goods were completely gutted.. On Mauni Amavasya day, in the Mela itself four persons lost their lives when crowds became unmanageable and the same day on Railway station in the stampede that created nationwide sensation nearly 40 persons died. But the fire that took place in Sector Nine on Saturday afternoon, despite the rain, was aggravated by the polythene bags littered there as well as other inflammable material. The ban on using polythene was thus being openly flouted. Rescue operations were restricted till daylight was there because Kumbhnagar was mostly plunged in darkness as restoring electricity would have been a very dangerous move.  The tragedy of the Kalpvasis was that all their food items got soaked in water and were hardly usable. Swami  Anand Giri of Bade Hanumanji Temple was seen getting food prepared at the Mandir for a large number of pilgrims who had nothing to cook as ‘all their belongings  have become soggy’ and ’there is no way that they can cook their meals’. Kitchen fires lighted with dung cakes and firewood had all been doused by the rain. In February such heavy showers have hardly been experienced.  As Swami Hari Chaitanya Brahmachari of Tikafmafi Ashram says, ‘As far as I can remember, this  has been the worst spell of rain  since 1977 when, during the Magh Mela, it had rained  continuously from Mauni Amavasya till Basant Panchmi’.

So far as the city is concerned the impact of the heavy downpour was mixed. People residing in Allahpur say that barring water accumulation at some places the rest of the area was free from water-logging. However, the Niranjan viaduct still remained a sore point. Heavy downpour once again caused acute water-logging there, rubbishing claims that drainage there had been streamlined.

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