Sunday, February 25, 2018
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azam khan

Azam Khan might be outspoken if not angry at times. But to say that he should not have been made in-charge of the mela management committee and that the task would have been better performed by a Hindu is an unfair attack on the man whose secular credentials are above board. But the RSS feels that way.  In an editorial written in the Sangh’s bulletin, ‘Organizer’  objection has been raised to giving charge to a Muslim. The editorial says: ‘In Allahabad, the reins of the arrangements for the Mahakumbh involving an expenditure of crores of rupees were handed over to a Muslim Minister. Not every one can handle such a responsible task.

It is possible that if some Hindu Minister had been given the charge, this catastrophe would not have occurred’. What the leader writer forgets is that the tragedy of stampede occurred on the Railway station where all officers were Hindus and the Minister of Railways too is a Hindu. Why then could the accident not be averted there?  To take a communal stand on a sensitive issue is to do injustice to the man who did his best to ensure speedy and efficient work. It is another matter that bureaucracy and builders did not stand by him. The editorial says that the Government should have chosen a better man for the job. But how could the Government impose a ‘better man’ to guide and rule the Railways from outside?

The edit says that the responsibility should have been given to a person who is extra  sympathetic towards the pilgrims. It also raps the Government of UP for not accepting the resignation of Azam Khan and calls the Akhilesh Government heartless. This is hitting below the belt. The Ministers tried their best. Top bureaucrats in Lucknow also kept on regularly visiting the city to supervise the Mela arrangements. If things went wrong then that was not because Azam Khan is a Muslim but because the work culture at all levels has slumped to the lowest level.

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