Sunday, February 25, 2018
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There are reports that the farming sector is exulting with joy because of the timely rains which are expected to benefit the wheat crops in a big way. The farmer is happy because now he need not borrow money to buy the costlier diesel to run the tube-well for emergency irrigation as the rain has by and large served the purpose.

The hoteliers too have now been reaping advantage from the Mela exodus necessitated by heavy rain resulting in the influx of shelter-seekers in the city. Those who had booked their train seats for a date that will fall a few days hence for their return journey have chosen to stay on in city hotels. These hotels, in anticipation of heavy rush, had inflated their room rates but had to lower them when they found that most visitors were preferring to stay in luxurious cottages erected in the Mela area and which had been advertised in newspapers of distant cities for advance booking. Most of these cottages had been booked and many people, who enjoyed their stay there, amidst the real environment to savour the delight of the mood of the moment, left happily too. The Kumbh Nagar had become a temporary district fully equipped with modern facilities and amenities with no need for taxis and tempos. The visit was like an on-the-spot picnic .

The hoteliers have learnt a lesson. Some of them are now planning that in future they will also book land there, set up annexes of their hotels and manage to retain their regular customers who would prefer them to new entrants in the field. But that will be in the distant future. Right now they are making hay while the sun DOES NOT shine!

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