Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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azam khan

The RSS journal, ‘Organizer’ came out with the fantastic comment that the Government should not have given charge of the Mela affairs to a Muslim Minister . Instead, it should have gone to a Hindu minister. This is not all. The journal has rapped Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for  not accepting Azam Khan’s resignation from the Mela management committee.

It is indeed gratifying to note that in Azam Khan’s defence and support has come a Hindu seer attending the Mahakumbh. He is  Shankaracharya Swami Adhokshyanand who has said that  Azam Khan has successfully completed Kumbh Mela ‘and set an example of being a true Muslim’. The seer recalls that Azam Khan was also the Mela incharge during the Ardha Kumbh in 2007 when he had given a good account of himself as a successful organizer. The seer said by no stretch of imagination can the stampede at the Railway station be blamed on Azam Khan. He complimented the Chief Minister for not accepting Azam’s resignation and charged the RSS with attempting to divide Hindus and Muslims and suggested that there was need for need for the creation of such an environment as would promote this cooperation by making it possible for Hindus to organize Muslim programmes and vice versa.

There is no doubt that Azam Khan is outspoken at times but his bluntness is an outcome of his concern for the improvement of the system. If he finds anything amiss, he becomes highly critical. And at times his anger seems to be absolutely justified too because he spews venom against those who are quiet operators, eating into the very vitals of the administrative machinery through their acts of omission and commission. Few other Ministers have been that hard and outspoken as Azam Khan. At the same time it is also to be stated that he has been unable to carry out his threats against those who have been flouting all norms of speed and efficiency and indulging in delaying tactics to reap a windfall for themselves by coercing out speed money from their victims.

ftaars by Hindus, Holi Milan by Muslims

Greater intermingling among all communities will foster communal amity. At the political level we do find Roza Iftaars being organized by Hindus and Holi Milans by Muslims. But these are regarded as gimmicks by those who feel that it is not genuine but goaded by the need to boost the votebanks of the hosts. But I remember when GEEP Flashlight were  basking in the sunshine of  their peak period of prosperity, during Ramzan period, their Hindu officers would hold Iftar parties and Muslims would host Holi and Dussehra milans.I recall seeing  Mr M.Z.Khan, the former Managing Director of the concern, attending such functions to boost brotherhood among members of the staff. My elder brother was a senior officer in GEEP then. He too organized Iftar parties at our residence which I had the privilege of attending too. Non-political people should come forward to participate in such unifying occasions. If therefore Azam Khan was asked to take care of Mela affairs it was a good move.

But now the time has come for Azam Khan to act. He must expose the acts of omission and commission  of all those who were entrusted with big responsibilities but failed to perform their task on expected lines.

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