Thursday, January 18, 2018
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kalp vaas

Do you know that the former ADA Vice Chairman Himanshu Kumar, IAS (now posted in Lucknow) was also on a one-month Kalpvas in the Kumbh Mela ?  He completes the month long Kalpvas in a hut located away from the big Ashrams. This information was given to me by his revered father,  Dr B.N.Asthana, former Vice-Chancellor of Kanpur University and the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration,AU,  who is very fond of the Patrika and often keeps on talking with us from Lucknow on phone, where he  is staying with son Himanshu Kumar. In the Mela Himanshu, had been staying  as a Kalpvasi for full one month  but in complete anonymity  . Dr Asthana had  told me  in confidence about Himanshuji’s ‘Kalpvas’ some weeks ago but asked me not to make it public because  he is there on a purely private visit and has forbidden any official or even class three or class four employee to even meet him, to say nothing of serving him and his family. Now since the Kalpvas is complete, I can talk about it.

I had contacted Dr Asthana on Sunday to ask whether all these  weeks Himanshuji had contacted him. He replied, ‘He never does. But yesterday (Saturday) he did so on learning that I was unwell.’ It is then that I learnt that Dr Asthana had suffered from a mild stroke of haemorrhage. But he said he is all right. He was as usual in his cheerful mood.

Dr Asthana revealed that Himanshuji will be completing his ‘Kalpvas’ today after the Maghi purnima bath and returning to Lucknow. It is not always that one finds an IAS officer coming here for a month-long Kalpvas. We do hear of retired officers coming and going to the Mela, some staying for a month too but seldom does one find a parallel to Himanshu. I learnt that this is the second time that Himanshu came to Prayag for a Kalpvas. He had done so in the past. The general belief is that a Kalpvas, once in a life time is enough. Dr Asthana explained that Himanshuji’s Guruji had passed away long back. Now his son is the Guruji.  Himanshuji probably wanted to have darshan of the successor Guru too. Any way. It must be great experience for him to have stayed back even when the rains lashed the area. 




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