Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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doctor‘Mehman jo hamara hota hai, Vo jaan se pyaara hota hai’!

And now I come to the other ‘black’ spot about which I promised yesterday to write today. This pertains to the hospital services provided by the administration in the Mela. When I read about the plight of a visiting pilgrim family from Gwalior, I was stunned. It happened at the Central Hospital located in the Mela .

One Kailash Narain Gupta(60) had come all the way from Gwalior ‘s Sewanagar locality with his family for a holy dip. As there were restrictions on the movement of vehicles inside the mela, the family had to cover several miles on foot. Mr Gupta couldn’t bear the strain. He started feeling unwell and, what was still worse, he developed serious breathing trouble by the time they reached the Bandh. The family  cried for help. The Sangam Fire Station ambulance came to their help and brought them to the Central Hospital.  But the doctors there treated them so badly as would shame even the devil. They shouted at the ambulance people for bringing the patient there who, they said was dead.  They did not bother to examine him. Thereafter, the family asked the hospital authorities to provide them an ambulance so that they may carry the victim’s body outside the Mela area. The   doctors refused saying that the rules did not permit them. The family, strangers to Allahabad, begged the hospital staff to help them. They said they would pay for the ambulance services as well. But the angry doctors are alleged to have ordered the body to be thrown  outside the Central Hospital. On the roadside the body lay for three hours with relatives weeping and wailing around them. Even assuming that the rules did not permit the use of an ambulance to carry a body,  couldn’t the doctors realize that rules were not meant for dead bodies? Shouldn’t they have shown some respect to the dead and the feelings of the relatives?  By the way who made such heartless, inhuman rules that could not be bypassed in even a critical  situation of this nature? Even if they did not wish to compromise with the so-called rules, they could certainly have helped the party by ringing up some emergency ambulance service available in the Mela. They could have phoned up the Mela administrator and taken his permission to be a little flexible with the rules and then helped in the transfer of the body to the cremation ghat? They could have contacted the Mela SP, the District Magistrate of Allahabad failing which they could have given a call to Commissioner Devesh Chaturvedi and requested him for direction or permission to bypass the rules if indeed they were as rigid as they were being stated to be. Did they do so? If not, why? The Commissioner finally got the information and an ambulance was made available for which the party had to pay. What a shame: And only the other day I said of the people who reside on Ganga banks: ‘Mehman jo hamara hota hai vo jaan se pyaara hota hai’ !

  And, by the way, if some of  the callous doctors are indeed posted in local Government hospitals, one would like to ask them whether they follow the punctuality rule and reach for work at exact time? Do they follow the rule which forbids them from private practice or working simultaneously in a nursing home if not running it in wife’s name? They must answer – or face action. The higher authorities should not spare them because they have given a bad name to Allahabad, to Prayag, to Mahakumbh organizers by defaming all in the eyes of the visitors. What will the Gwalior party say?  Don’t fall ill in Allahabad; and don’t die there because your body will be thrown on the road?


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