Sunday, February 25, 2018
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It was indeed a rarest of the rare spectacles  that was  seen on  the sacred   banks of the Ganga during Mahakumbh  the other day when 99 young couples got married at the camp of  Bhikhari alias  Jangali Baba who, incidentally has made it a mission of his life to get 100 poor couples married every year. Thousands of people including seers, pilgrims, social workers , senior officials and their assistants, watched the simple ceremony that  reflected the simplicity of the grandeur and beauty of our composite culture inasmuch as these couples, mostly poor, belonged to different communities including SC/ST OBC  and came together on the same platform to tie the  nuptial  knot. And the vermilion of secularism was provided by a Muslim couple who also entered wedlock on the banks of the Ganga with the rest. The couples were blessed by the seers and good wishes were showered on them by the senior officials.

This was indeed something highly laudable and exemplary as well. If mass marriages are held , it would cut down expenses and also sound pollution, traffic congestion. Had these 99 weddings been solemnized separately, there would have been 99 baraats, 99 band parties, 99 Bhangra dancer groups. You can imagine the rest.

Why can’t this idea be extended to cover even the well-to-do couples? Let some auspicious day be publicised and citizens invited to join the ceremonies. It would mean curtailment of expenses,  big economy in the consumption of electricity and elimination of costs, reducing them to the bare minimum. This will also gradually  lead to the elimination of the dowry menace.

But who will set the ball rolling? Let those, who were present on the occasion, plan out a similar schedule for the elite classes as well. If the aim is to prevent wasteful expenditure, stop noise pollution and traffic congestion, what better method could be there than to plan such mass weddings?


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