Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Gangster caught in the garb of a Sadhu-cum-beggar!

I have been saying since a long, long time, intermittently and repeatedly that criminals, including terrorists, could easily enter the Mela in the  garb of Sadhus or beggars who line up close to the Barre Hanumanji’s Temple. Finally, the police did succeed in arresting a hardcore criminal, Kalyan Singh of Hamirpur, who was sitting among other Sadhus for a Bhandara close to the temple of Barre Hanumanji. A report says that when another Sadhu, sitting by his side asked him for his introduction, he told him that he was a beggar. The police then noticed him. He quietly tried to sneak away but was ultimately caught and spilled the beans.

But this has happened when the Mela has reached its fag end. The police could notice him because of the sparse crowd. How many others entered the mela in a like manner will not be known. But these criminals must have come to the Mela after thoroughly planning their strategy to  rob the rich seers. They did break the window panes of cars and carried away bags full of currency notes and other valuables worth lakhs without being caught. The possibility is that these criminals must be having a nexus with the cops of their cities. Assuming that a police battalion that was to be sent from Hamirpur had some cops who were in league with the local cops including Kalyan Singh. They could have given him the green signal to go ahead in the mela, that they will give him protection in return for a share of the booty. How else can one explain the number of  unsolved cases of robberies that took place there? You cannot suspect a Sadhu normally. That is why it is so easy for crooks to don the mantle of holy men and put into effect their nefarious designs.

It would therefore be in the fitness of things to suggest that in future every Mela entrant must produce a photo-identity card. The election identity card should serve the purpose. But if the Government insists that none without an identity card would be allowed entry, many shady characters may never be able to enter the mela to commit thefts and other crime. Of course the chances are there that criminals will make fake photo identity cards and dupe the police, or easily bypass those cops who are in league with them by showing the fake identity card. That is why a foolproof method would have to be evolved to ensure that fake identity cards are easily recognized and the culprits arrested.


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