Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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kumbh crowd

Is it because every day is equally auspicious in Mahakumbh?

The administration seems to have become complacent after the last major bathing day, presuming that the crowds would be thinning away and that now only the locals will be there to give the finishing touch to the Mela on Mahashivratri. Normally that would be so. But why is it forgotten that this is not the ordinary Kumbh Mela which comes after every 12 years. This is the Mahakumbh coming after 12 Kumbhs i.e. after 144 years. How can the significance of this be missed?

A pilgrim gave me an idea of how many of the people are feeling. He said: ‘Every day of the Mahakumbh till Mahashivratri is sacred—as sacred as any other day. That is why now an impression has gained ground that  taking a bath today or tomorrow will be as sacred as the one taken on Mauni Amavasya’. I don’t know what the saints have to say to that. But if crowds are indeed coming even now and rushing to the mela area, causing traffic jam on the Sangam roads, then that should give experts a reason to ponder as to whether the people’s guess is more spiritually inspired than their own. But even a layman would say that a Mahashivratri coming after 144 years would indeed be worth celebrating in a big way—the Mahashivratri at Mahakumbh in Allahabad. I can’t say about other places.


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