Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Narendra Modi says: ‘I have to complete the unfulfilled dreams of Mahatma Gandhi’. Congressmen will say: ‘First fulfil Vajpayee’s dream and adhere to Raj Dharma’.


Lalu may hit out at Modi and say: ‘He who couldn’t adhere to “Patni Dharma”, how do you expect him to follow Raj Dharma?’


Rahul says: ‘If you have to save the country, vote for Congress’. But Modi will ask: ‘Will Rahul be able to save the country from the Congress scamsters?


Yashodaben is fasting and visiting  pilgrimage centres to pray for Modi’s success in elections so as to enable him to become the Prime Minister. She is following Pati Dharma all right. Will Modi now follow Patni Dharma and  reward her by going to her before swearing-in ceremony and telling her: ‘Aaa ab laut chalen, tujh ko pukare  Modi tera...’


PM’s former media adviser says that Dr Manmohan Singh had abandoned himself to the  prevailing circumstances of the day. Congress will ask him: ‘And have you abandoned  your conscience to the BJP and have decided to serve the  saffron  propaganda machinery by feeding it with concocted tales and lies?


Mayawati says: ‘If Modi becomes the Prime Minister the whole country will get badly burnt.’ Modi will say: ‘But isn’t the BSP already burning in the furnace of jealousy? Is there anything more left to be burnt?’


Doctors advise: ‘Don’t take too many pain killers as they could turn into heart killers’. Patients may quip. ‘But how will they affect the heart if the heart has already been stolen by someone else?’

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