Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Principal G.C.Saxena, who completed 87 years on May 21 did not celebrate his birthday that day because it also happened to be Rajiv Gandhi’s martyrdom day. ‘Rajiv was a modern, progressive ruler who ushered in the Computers Revolution in the country. I had the proud privilege of exchanging letters with him on various issues including the problems faced in the field of education. He responded to my letters and I appreciated the concern he showed for the viewpoint of others’.
Patrika told Mr Saxena that he himself was no ordinary educationist and reminded him that he had bagged the prestigious President Award for his contributions in the field of education. He gave a faraway look and recalled that glorious day —5rh September 1982—when the then President Giani Zail Singh conferred that award on him.
‘How have you managed to keep so fit and  how do you still continue to write Grammar Notes’, we asked. He mentioned that ‘this zeal for hard work and determination to do something for the cause of education was instilled in me by those great professors of our days—Dr Ishwari Prasad, Prof S.C.Deb,  Prof K.K.Bhattacharya and so many others. I don’t have to tell you how hardworking scholars they were. They were the pride of the world of education’. When we asked him what he thought of the Prime Minister designate’s  assurance to turn AU once again into the Oxford of the East, he said, ‘I will wish him the very best as in his success will we see our own dreams realized’.
We asked him what he thought of the proposal to teach English  in all schools and also to help the weak students by paying special attention to them in all government institutions, he said: ‘But where are the teachers? As it is there is shortage. In addition those that are already there, do not teach. They skip classes saying that students are absent but actually they deliberately do so because they are either running coaching classes themselves or are teaching there on fat salaries’. But a way has to be found,  we said. ‘Have you any suggestion to offer as to how this big difficulty can be overcome? Teachers miss classes, don’t teach and Copying Mafia take advantage of this by flooding the campuses with readymade answer papers when the exams are on, right under the nose of the invigilators’
Principal Saxena said: ‘I have the answer. And the clue has been provided by Mr Narendra Modi himself. The education department should be asked to install 3G screens in all schools. Just as Modi used to speak from Ahmedabad and  people would listen to him on roadsides in hundreds of cities so too can a good teacher impart education in this fashion , padding gap between lectures with small bits of entertainment strips to keep the students engrossed’.  We said: ‘This means that you can give lectures on Grammar sitting inside your house in Mehdauri at Allahabad and school children all over the state will benefit from that exercise’. He replied, ‘They certainly will. If we cannot afford to have more teachers and if we are unable to instil discipline among those whom we already have then some such technique will have to be adopted’.  He recalled: ‘In yester decades, AIR used to present a programme Vidyarthiyon ke liye for 20 minutes daily on school days. The schools would put on the radios. The teaching through TV  gadgets  will have greater impact. Mr Modi can do it. Let the UGC start it from Delhi. Gyanvani is not enough. It is radio programme. And it is optional. If video teaching is done during the class periods it will be more effective’
We thanked Mr Saxena for his brilliant suggestion. On his birthday it is he who has given us a gift in the form of this suggestion to promote tele-education in the country. Thank you Sir and wish you a long, long life--





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