Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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medical college allahabad

Will private practice by doctors continue after that?

It is heartening to learn that the Centre has agreed to  finance the uplift of Allahabad Medical College to enable it to reach the level of the AIIMS and for this laudable  purpose  the Manmohan Government has , in the initial stage, agreed to sanction Rs150 crore.  This is not all. Similar   move is afoot to upgrade the medical colleges of Gorakhpur, Jhansi and Meerut.   The Centre has agreed to this in exchange for the permission and land granted by the State Government to set up an AIIMS in Rae Bareli, the constituency of Mrs Sonia Gandhi.If indeed the plan materializes, it will be a big boon to the city and the neighbouring areas.

But  many people will remain pessimistic and say that even such institutes are not within the reach of the poor. Only the transportation cost to Delhi will be eliminated. The expenses which they will have to incur despite the supposedly free medicare  are often on the very high side. Some people have complained that even in the Sanjay Gandhi institute in Lucknow it is not easy going for the patients. There are allegations that people have to  purchase costly medicines from outside even when they are entitled to free  supply. As is very obvious, people rush to such prestigious institutes only when they have been given up as gone cases by local doctors. When the patient is in such a critical stage, members of his family are prepared to spend even the last penny that they may be having to save him. That is something which the staff knows full well. And it is this urgency that is exploited by the staff.

While we can look ahead to better days for the medical college, we would also like to tell readers that there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. I say this because the Medical College has been  oscillating between hope and despair for a long time. For a brief spell that it was under the  Central University of Allahabad ,  several improvements were made, such as restoring telephone lines, repairing fans and coolers and providing new facilities. But this honeymoon with good luck was transitory because subsequently the Medical College and Hospital were restored to the UP Government .  After it ceased to be under the AU Vice Chancellor, the efficiency of the hospital  went down. We now hope that things will move swiftly forward. But the question lurking in many minds would be: Will Government doctors stop private practice and devote full-time attention to the patients in hospitals? Will junior doctors learn to be more considerate towards patients and their guardians? They must remember that those accompanying the patients are in a highly tense mood. If their queries or complaints are promptly attended to, why will they feel annoyed?

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