Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Mr Virendra Sagar of Law Publishers(India)Private Limited, Allahabad suffered a loss of Rs10,000  on the New Year’s Day . He was on his way to Delhi with his wife Mrs Madhu Sagar by Shiv Ganga Express when a young man came to them pleading that he be permitted to travel  in  their  F Coupe in the AC-1 coach. 

He said he had a confirmed ticket but that he did not want to travel alone in that compartment as he was scared. He was dressed like a pathan though he was not one as his name detected from the passenger list revealed.  But he could be impersonating someone. An FIR was lodged. The couple fears that he sprayed something in the compartment after which they dozed off. They fear that the theft occurred between 1am and 4am. He unlocked one bag to remove the cash but left the other untouched and unzipped as it contained only clothes. Mr Sagar observed that shutters on both sides of the  First ACC connecting the pantry car and AC 2 remain open and never closed as told to him by a train attendant.
Such confidence tricksters keep on travelling in trains. They can be seen at bus stops too and even visit the housewife when she is alone in the house and, through their tricky behaviour, manage to cheat the unsuspecting victims.
We may warn people, especially the local relatives of those coming for the Mela,  that they should alert their guests in advance to be very, very careful and cautious while on the move. Tricksters will be after them not just in trains and buses but also when they take local conveyance to reach the ghats. All I would like to say is: Beware-the hand of the hidden crook is waiting to strike.


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