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Human dignity lies in knowing our place in creation. The Holy Qur’an mentions “We have honoured the progeny of Adam” (CH: 17, Verse 70).

We fulfill human dignity by carrying out the task of taking care of fellow human beings and become a mercy to mankind, because it is gathered from holy texts that to save one soul from destruction is presumed as to save whole humanity.

Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: “He who goes to bed with a full stomach while his neighbour sleeps with an empty stomach is not a true believer.” He also said:  “Your conduct will be judged on the day of judgement -how you behaved with your neighbour”. Again there is no state line as we come from same substance as earth and the earth in each orbit is the same substance.

"O believers, enter the peace, all of you, and follow not the steps of Satan; he is a manifest foe to you." (2:208)

According to the above verse, peace and truce is a basic Islamic program. It is interesting that Qur’an calls those who arouse dissidence, and seek war and struggle – a follower of Satan. In other words, peace and truce is a divine and merciful attitude, while war, arousing dissidence and violence is a Satanic and devilish one.

"Shall the recompense of goodness be other than goodness?" (55:60)

This verse which is full of affection, clemency and amity is an Islamic motto for Muslims. Surprisingly  enough, studying other Qur’anic verses, we find that the Holy Book  not only instructs  Muslims to recompense goodness with goodness, but also bids  them to reply evil with goodness!

"Repel thou the evil with that which is fairer. We Ourselves know very well what they describe." (23:96)

O Prophet! Even though the dupes have wronged with you, but you let them return to Islam through kindness and affection.

So Islam is the religion in which God recommends it’s prophet to reply others’ evil with kindness. We can say that it is the religion of care, gentleness, mercy, equanimity and friendliness.

"Say unto those who believe, that they forgive those who do not look for the days of God, that He may recompense people for that they have been earning." (45:14)

According to the above verse, Islamic clemency and benevolence  are not allocated and restricted just to the Muslims and believers. Rather, God instructs Muslims to be kind with non-Muslims too.

Imam Husain presented practical evidence of the existence of God.  He sacrificed his life with the lives of his dear kinsmen and companions in the way of God.  He was slaughtered mercilessly.  On the plains of Karbala he exhibited unprecedented daring feat.  His strength of character, courage and competence touched the heart of millions of millions human beings all over the world. 

On the 10th of Muharram while lecturing to the Yazeedian forces he reiterated his stand “O people if you have deserted Islam at least you are human beings and I am struggling for your human rights.  I am seeing that the sword of tyranny is on your heads and the morsels of loaves have been even snatched from you.” In these sentences Imam Husain was reminding them of human rights for defending  which  his father Hazrat Ali was assassinated and his brother Imam Hasan had to sign peace treaty with a tyrant ruler to save human lives from bloodshed.  They demonstrated the code of Islam founded by  Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) of human values and human rights. But when Yazeed bin Mawia sat on the usurped throne he crossed all limits by demanding allegiance from the Imam of his time, Hazrat Imam Husain.

The continued existence and setting up of Islamic code of life was the only mission of Imam Husain.  How touching were the verses he chanted on the blistering plain of Karbala, addressing Allah thus:  “I have left the whole world in your desire.  I accepted the orphanage of my children in your remembrance.  If in your love my body is mangled into pieces, even then my wounded heart will be in your quest.”

In the battle of Karbala Imam Husain steadfastly represented his grandfather Prophet Mohammed’s mission of human freedom and justice even by sacrificing his all in the way of God. 





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