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North India is facing bitter cold now days. To avoid cold people started using Alav (Woodn Fire), Heater and Blower. But, excessive use of blowers can cause various allergies, doctors say.

" Blowers and Heaters dry the surrounding air and can lead to respiratory problems, so we should avoid excessive use of blower and heater if it is possible" Dr. Amit Singh, a Physician, told.

With the onset of the bitter winter, cases of respiratory problems, eye infections, skin allergies, pneumonia and the likes have increased by almost three times, he added.

"Apart from the common cold and cough, allergies are common in winter. The dryness, which is further enhanced by heaters and blowers, could sometimes lead to irritation in the eyes and the skin. In the eyes, it may then lead to conjunctivitis, while the skin can become itchy, and then develop an allergy," Dr. K. K. Agarwal an eye surgeon said.

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Doctors advise that a mug of water can be kept near the heater so that the humidity level of the room is maintained. There are oil heaters and those with humidifiers that are also effective. In winter usually people use less water and the intake of hot beverages increases. Low intake of water during winter may also lead to dehydration of the body, making our immune system vulnerable to illnesses to problems. So even if our body is not screaming of thirst, we must take a glass of water regularly. 

Caution should be practiced by all, it's especially important for the very young, the elderly and those with respiratory problems. Cardiac diabetics and hypertension patients too should be careful as the risk of coronary ailments increase with the dipping temperatures.


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