Sunday, February 25, 2018
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While India can boast of having the third largest higher education system in the world, reality is that India is facing a severe shortage of skilled human resources. The reason for such a contrasting situation is the extremely low quality of primary, secondary, and college-level education in India. A possible way-out from this situation is privatization of the education system, which is predominantly public at present.

  Privatization of education has the potential to improve the quality of education as well as to reduce the cost. The challenges of introducing such a system will be manifold. First, the government needs to make sure that schools exist in every locality. Left to the entrepreneurs themselves, they may fight to open too many schools in high-income localities where the students will be better compared to the low income localities. So the policy makers must ensure that low income localities also get a due share of the schools. The government must direct and incentivize the program so that marginalized areas are not left out. The second challenge is to ensure quality. Although the private schools, in general, are better than their public counterparts, but relying too much on them can also be costly. The quality of the private schools also varies significantly. While some of them may provide a good quality education at a reasonable cost, others may end up becoming money-making machines without caring for the quality of education. So the government should come up with an effective mechanism to determine, monitor, and control the quality of education in the private system. Now when we are favoring the privatization of professional education then one biggest problem is generating that is knowledge of students. Is whatever we are providing them as an education is really getting by them.

Their was a report in the national newspaper that 58% graduate students are not able to pass basic English test of 7th standard so how we expect from them to get a job in good organization and that is the reason that in India 70 to 80% graduate are unemployed. And only our education system is responsible for all these matters is it fair? No I think it’s not fair exactly we are responsible for this situation. Because 40% percent of employees from various industries and organizations are getting educational degrees only for the promotions and they are paying a good amount for these degrees. Because our system is requiring only degree there is no matter you have knowledge or not they want only degree.  And if we are talking the private educational institute is providing low education quality then a large number of private institutions have gained worldwide reputation – MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Boston University, and Princeton all are privately run without government interventions. Even in India XLRI, MDI & S.P. Jain has gained national importance. And if we are talking locally that is Allahabad where I am staying a NGO is working that is UTTHAN and under this NGO one group of institutions is running that is Shambhunath Group of Institutions. This group provides the engineering, management and pharmaceutical education at graduate and post-graduate levels. The main step which taken by this group is better quality of education to rural back-ground students. The only educational group which providing the free English classes, soft-skills development classes, competitive examination preparation classes and their summer and winter industrial trainings in campus and out campus. And fee which is taking by this group is very low compare then other institutes of district. And as result the students of this group’s are securing the top positions in the University examinations every year. So as this group if every institute comes out for the better education and nation’s development then I am sure one day we can say now there is no need to go abroad for better education.

*Pradhyuman Singh Lakhawat, Management Research Scholar, SHIATS, Allahabad.


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