Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Now a days it has become a misconception among parents that internet is bad for their children as they are afraid that their children may come across the content which is not suitable for them. As internet is a great source of knowledge and entertainment , kids should also be aware of internet so they can access the great sea of knowledge called internet. Keeping this thing in mind I am listing some websites which are specially made for kids. 

  1.  - this website is online version of a very famous hindi magazine “Chanda Mama”. Kids not only can read stories, riddles and jokes but also upload their creations on the website.
  2.  -  this website is divided into six important parts – talespin, magazine, discover,  activities, games and reference. Stories n jokes can be found in talespin n magazine. Discover and activities consists of some arts n craft tutorials and in games and reference kids can find games etc.
  3.  - this website is run by “Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan” and is an online version of a magazine “Dimdima”. All the contents of Dimdima are available here with some more exciting stuff for kids.
  4.  -  it is a great website for kids. Here kids not only get entertainment but also have educational contents like how to prepare for exams, how to avoid stress including information about all the subjects like hindi, English, history, geography etc. which can also be very useful in doing homework.
  5.  - this website is dedicated for children and is divided into 4 parts – About India, Language book, Reader’s Special and Story Book. We can guess by the name what the contents of the website should be.

These are some of the Indian websites but there are plenty of websites which can be explored and viewed on internet.

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#1 kaverii 2012-11-30 19:25
:lol: parents can help children learn from any method they come across.

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