Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Pandit Hari Prasad says returning of awards is a wrong method to ventilate protest. It is quite obvious that he himself will not return the trophy or trophies awarded to him. That way he is pleasing the Government and also pleasing himself by retaining the trophies. …
In Allahabad, in one case a daughter-in-law let loose a ferocious dog on her father-in-law, in another case a mother-in-law fled because of the tortures by the Bahu. The tables have turned!

When Sasu Ma were a terror like Lalita Pawar, they could get away with it because the daughters-in-law mostly were Balika Badhus ! Today’s bullying Bahu is a working eve in many cases, knowing how to train dogs and wield the ‘danda’ And she doesn’t believe in the non-violent theory which would say, ‘If Sasu Ma slaps you on the right cheek also offer her your left cheek’

Sunil Gavaskar has called for the revival of India-Pak cricket ties. Now won’t that annoy the Shiv Sainiks who may wave black flags beforeGavaskar if not throw black ink on him?

Maharashtra’s BJP Chief Minister says that alliance with Shiv Sena stays. Apparently both have realized that parting right now may bring back Sharad Pawar !

Outside Allahabad junction a constable was seriously injured and left bleeding when a tempo driver assaulted him. If cops take free rides on tempos, they should be prepared for the kick as well which a milk-yielding cow renders to the milk squeezer.

A report says that there will be no waiting list for railway passengers and that they will get confirmed tickets. Then what will happen to the middle men?


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