Sunday, February 25, 2018
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The Congress MLAs of the new Bihar Vidhan Sabha have demanded that Rahul be made the party President. Isn’t that a crude form of flattery that may offend Sonia?
… There are reports to suggest that young men with high educational qualifications are joining police as mere constables! They presumably feel that it is safer to extort money from truckers than to risk being caught at chain snatching!

Prime Minister Modi has expressed his grief over the death of film actor Saeed Jaffrey.Lalu may say: ‘One actor paying tribute to another!’

Shatrughan Sinha says that BJP is his first and the last party. But what about the gap between the two ends? Will he be gallivanting between JD(U) and RJD or prefer the Congress?

Akhilesh says that ‘Netaji”(meaning Mulayam) will take a decision on whether or not to have a grand alliance on Bihar pattern. But grand alliance with whom—if BSP and Congress are to remain out?

If BSP and Congress join hands then it is possible that fence-sitters among the secularists may jump into Maya’s bandwagon, avoiding SP because of the incumbency factor!.

Modi told the G-20 nations that there are some countries which are using terrorism as a strategic tool to further their game plan. Shiv Sena may react by saying: ‘Modiji, why are you beating round the bush? Why don’t you say that Pakistan is using terrorism against neighbours?’

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